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Whats The Deal With...Permission?

Have you ever considered the concept of permission?

What is the deal with permission and why is it so important?

We give permission unconsciously to others and ourselves with just about every decision we make.

But what if you really paid attention to whom you are giving permission, what that permission entails, and how it effects how you move through your life?


What does it look like when you are giving permission to others and how they are allowed to be present in your life? Think about the why of your yes’ and no’s… Are you saying yes to others because you want to or to avoid their negative response or emotion? This is where permission to take up space in your life can be allowed or denied. Permission can also be allowed with specification, for example:

“No, you can’t come over but I can meet you at the store for 45 minutes.” Or

“I really want to be there for you but this situation is hard for me to be objective, let’s find something to do together to help you through it in a different way.” Or

“No I can’t/am not able/ don’t want to do that right now.”

You do not have to allow someone else’s emotions or responses dictate how you move through your life. You have the power of permission.


Society tends to set us up to only take up a certain amount of space. Well, guess what?!

YOU get to choose who you want to be and how much space you take up in this world! Give yourself all the permission for your presence to look exactly as you desire it to!

You get to choose to permit yourself to be big and loud in any given moment and on the flip side you also get you choose to be quieter but not necessarily small. There are moments that require us to be listeners and permitting ourselves to do as such feels very different than being told to be quiet.

Society doesn’t get a vote!


Permission also plays a role in how we think and the opinions we have. We get to choose whether or not to change the way we think. Sometimes it happens organically while other times we have to make the conscious effort to work towards seeing both sides. Giving yourself permission to let your thoughts and opinions to be fixed or fluid and adaptable can create an openness that allows for growth and change based on your desires not anyone else’s.


What would it look like to give yourself permission to change? You might be focused on a change of mindset or habits? Or even a change in the way you handle and manage stress? Or maybe it’s a relationship that needs a shift or even end? The first step in giving yourself permission to change is to give yourself permission to pay attention and really see what is not working for you.

There are so many things in our lives that we are in control of without ever realizing the level of control we have. You have permission to make your life look however you would like it to. The universe has given you permission to take control.

The question now is, are you ready to give YOURSELF permission?

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