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What's the deal with... CRYSTALS?

I am a firm believer that power begets power. Just like anything else, what you give power to is what you get power from. Crystals are no different. Some see them as just pretty rocks while others believe they have powers to heal, evoke and protect. (Spoiler Alert: I am one of the others)

Many cultures use crystals for healing and energy work and are seen as powerful tools in light work.

Believing is Feeling

Everyone knows the saying believing is seeing or vice versa seeing is believing but what if neither are right. True belief can also come from feeling. Think about the emotions that the big things in your life bring up or the feelings that helped those big things bloom into reality. Think about some of the things you believe in and/or believe you want or need in your life.

Now what if you could connect something tangible to those feelings to harness them providing the ability to connect more easily on a regular basis? There’s a crystal for that! (No this is not an informercial)

For example, if you need more calm in your life then place your focus on the calming aspects of amethyst! Have them in your environment or on your body and handle them regularly and you are more likely to feel calm in their presence and even at the thought of them.

In the same way, if you trust that black tourmaline will protect your energy from others and you where it as jewelry around someone that tends to zap your energy or that you do not trust, your power to protect yourself will be enhanced.

Connecting the feeling to the belief will give power to anything that is connected.


Another benefit of the use of crystals is they provide a way to connect with the earth and ground us in our bodies, thoughts, and presence in a given moment. Grounding is a technique that can be done in many different ways and is commonly known to reduce anxiety and depression. Grounding brings you into your body to place focus on the present moment.

Crystals being natural creations of the planet are what create this direct connection. Additionally, they can play a role in and help you move through various cycles in your life. More on this later!

So, if you are needing to connect with something or just yourself in a given moment, why not ground with things that are beautiful and bring joy at first site.


Crystals can also be reminders of what you want to embody and have more of in your life. Nothing happens overnight and when we have visual reminders to prompt us it can be helpful to keep us moving in the direction that feels good for us and matches our goals.

As a reminder to grow love, you may want to place rose quartz in your bedroom. Whether it’s a visual reminder to be loving with your partner or loving with yourself.

Crystal are also strong reminders of mindfulness intentions and can be used in meditation to channel specific types of energy. In meditation, connecting a smokey quartz with your root chakra can help with letting go and release. You can also place citrine in your left hand channeling your receiver energy for financial abundance. There are so many beautiful ways you can use crystals as tools to connect more deeply with your desires and true self.

No matter your goal, crystals are supports that are easy to find and beautiful reminders of the connections and beliefs that are most important to you.

Harness the beauty to create the life you desire!


Our 'What's the Deal With...' series includes posts discussing trending topics and ideas that we find interesting and thought provoking. Any opinions that we may share in these posts are unique to us and we encourage you to complete individual research on any topics that you find interesting as well.

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