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What’s the deal with… SPRING FEVER?

18 Days

We are so close to the start of Spring! For many, this stirs up feelings of hope and rejuvenation. For others, it can feel similar to the winter lows, sometimes called a springtime lethargy. Spring fever is actually considered an auto-antonym, meaning it can have multiple or opposing meanings. Regardless of what it means to you, why does the season changing over have such a strong impact on us?

Biology, baby!

Spring fever is rooted in our biological makeup in some way for sure. When the weather gets warmer and nature comes alive, it’s as though we resurface again. You may notice an increase in energy, vitality, and even libido or sexual appetite. Longer days with longer daylight and sunshine are typically noticed the strongest by those who suffer from increased depression or low points during the Winter.

Women especially are very sensitive to their environment when it comes to sex. When cold, dreary days end and warmer temperatures are felt, we are automatically put into that feel-good mood. Add extra layers of daylight, Spring cleaning, fresh air, and newfound motivation or energy, no wonder why you may be ready to jump into bed with a partner or yourself and a new toy! Play around and lean into the feelings nature wants you to have.

Not There Yet?

As I mentioned already, there can also be some lows felt with the season changing over and it is not always a guarantee that seasonal depression is completely off the table or you may not experience some restlessness or fatigue. This is completely okay and normal. Check in with yourself and allow time and space for yourself to transition with your environment. Care for yourself, always!

The Power of Hope

We’ve been talking a lot about preparations for Spring and setting intentions and goals leading into the warmer months. Whether you want to start dating again, cleanse your mind, have a stronger relationship with yourself or another, do a closet or massive de-clutter, re-evaluate and make steps toward your new goals, set better boundaries, or simply enjoy the weather, a commonality that is important across any goal is to hold onto hope. Nature‘s cycle is coming back around again, and that always reminds me that there is constantly something to look forward to, big or small.

Life’s journey makes sense! No matter the circumstances, we get to watch our natural world bloom and become vibrant and full of life again. That always fills me with hope. You may not be exactly where you want to be in your life and unsure about what happens next, and that is okay. No one’s path is linear, and no one’s path is alike. Take your time, remind yourself of hope and encouragement, and reflect often on what you need for yourself this Spring. That being said, I like the idea that Spring fever is a natural phenomenon that we all experience in different ways. But, with hope, we can take some control over what we do with these feelings and impacts felt with the new season starting. What a wonderful balance!


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