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What's the deal with... MEDITATION?

There is a reason why meditation is called a practice!

Most people think that meditation is completely clearing your mind and thinking of nothing. While, in actuality, meditation is having all the thoughts but just allowing them to be what they are. What this means is during meditation there is no judgement, no pressure, no anxiety placed on the thoughts that are coming and whether or not you are ‘doing it right.’

The most beautiful thing about meditation is that there is no right way and there is no wrong way to do it. In the meditative mind the goal is to be present in your body recognizing that thoughts and moments come and go and can be charged or not. When we allow ourselves to be in our body without judgment there is a peace and an opening towards a confidence that can change how we move through our everyday lives.

The grounding and confidence that comes from meditation can set you up to manage each area of your life just a little bit or a lot a bit differently. Everyday our focus is to get things done and take care of others without awareness of ourselves and our emotions. It takes a toll without you even knowing it. The use of meditation can help you connect with the energy spent and allow for the consideration for changes in your process to preserve how you engage and respond.

If you are new to meditation the best way to start, and not feel like you’re doing it wrong, is to try guided meditations. There are many apps available as well as YouTube videos that can jumpstart your process. My favorite app is Headspace. It has a variety of options for finding what works best for you.

So, the reason meditation is called a practice is because it takes practice. Start where you feel comfortable, grow as you are ready, and expand into new levels of confidence and ways of being!

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