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What's The Deal With... Grounding?

April is Earth Month! To celebrate all things Earth related, this week we are talking about ways to connect and be more present with the world around us.

Grounding is the process of centering the body to help reduce anxiety, overthinking, and stress. Typically, we use techniques that help bring our attention to anything having to do with the 5 senses. Developing tools to help bring you to the here and now can help you feel more empowered, confident, and relaxed in any and all situations. Grounding works as a relaxation method because it signals to the brain that we are safe. Anxiety works as one big on and off switch- when we are afraid we release certain chemicals. Our body thinks there is either a lion in the room or there isn't. All the same chemicals are released whether we are actually in danger or not all, because we FEEL the fear. By focusing on the current surroundings and how they feel, look, sound, taste, or smell we sh