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What's the deal with... COACHING?

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

What’s the deal with coaching? Let’s talk about it! Coaching can be useful for working on a variety of different topics, such as career and professional development, lifestyle and wellness, habits and routines, and so much more. The goal of coaching is to lead you to a life of greater fulfillment, develop the tools and mindset to achieve the changes you seek, and learn to conquer obstacles along the way.

Although we are therapists by trade, coaching is much different from mental health psychotherapy. Therapy follows strict guidelines and ethics determined by a national board. Therapy requires specific masters-level training and licensure to treat and diagnose mental health disorders, overcome trauma and past issues, and to promote emotional healing. A therapist’s goal is to facilitate the awareness, growth, and psychological development of a client. Specific treatment models and clinical guidelines determine the extent of which a therapist can assist you. Therapists often work hand in hand with other providers and must adhere to continuing education requirements in their specific state of practice.

Coaching allows for more flexibility in its structure and should not be used as a substitute in treating specific mental health diagnoses. Coaching does not require those in practice to use specific guidelines or obtain specialized training. In coaching, your unique strengths and skills are highlighted to foster long lasting, sustainable change in whatever area you choose. The purpose of coaching can be that of developing your potential, breaking unhealthy habits, improve your quality of life, provide direction, and make the most of the tools already within. In other words, without the limitations of treatment style or background, coaching can be a great option for those looking to make changes in their life that are not tied to a mental health concern.

The three of us are trained and licensed therapists and we agree that a therapist wears many different hats and fluctuates between roles for clients on any given day. Some of these roles include: the educator, mentor, cheerleader, advocate, and- you guessed it- coach! We are excited to delve deeper into this role and bring you a unique style of coaching that works best for what you are looking for. One thing that ties therapy and coaching together is the emphasis on relationships and connection. All of us want to get to know you, collaborate with you, and develop a secure, fun, and open space to help you cultivate the life you desire.


Our 'What's the Deal With...' series includes posts discussing trending topics and ideas that we find interesting and thought provoking. Any opinions that we may share in these posts are unique to us and we encourage you to complete individual research on any topics that you find interesting as well.

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