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What's the deal with... ABUNDANCE?

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

When we hear people talk about abundance the most common assumption is the search for monetary security and being financially comfortable. Or at the very least the accumulation of wealth or significant growth in a specific area. Abundance can also make us think of the lack in our lives and what is missing.

The term abundance does ultimately mean “a very large quantity of something” according to the Oxford Dictionary. While the large quantity of whatever your measure is is nice to have, the concept of abundance as we hear about it now is more focused on the continued creation and development of more rather than the result.

Asking questions like: How can I be better? How can I grow? How can I develop to cultivate the life I desire? These questions never come from a perspective of greed or taking but from hard work and change. When it comes to abundance these questions do not emphasize to the end result but instead the beginning and continuation of the process of growth.

For example, think about it in terms of the growth process of a tree. Trees do not just appear fully grown, they begin with a seed. That seed needs water and sun light and a safe space to grow. While abundance is typically represented by the fruit on the tree, the true representation of abundance begins in that tiny seed that needs care to grow to fruition.

For us these seeds are dreams, first dates, changes in perspective… The seeds and saplings of our desires and goals must stand the test of time to push past pain, fear, stress, and change. If we choose to nurture them with trust, effort, and energy the fruit will grow and manifest abundance through security, success, and connection.

What are your seeds of abundance? How can we help you grow them?

-- Our 'What's the Deal With...' series includes posts discussing trending topics and ideas that we find interesting and thought provoking. Any opinions that we may share in these posts are unique to us and we encourage you to complete individual research on any topics that you find interesting as well.

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