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How Indoor Plants Can Boost Your Mood

There’s no argument that interest in indoor plants has grown massively over the past (few) years and as a plant lover, this couldn’t be more thrilling! Growing up, my mother consistently showed a deep enthusiasm and love for planting both indoors and out. Her gardens have always been a sense of meditation for her as well as a huge draw to make her outdoor and indoor spaces inviting and comfortable. Despite her best efforts, it took until my late 20’s for my own interest to grow. No matter the time in your life, its never too late to start learning and exploring at your own pace. Whether you want to start with one easy-care plant or transform your home into the house from Jumanji (no judgement here!), there are loads of mood boosting benefits plants can give!


The first benefit I noticed when starting a plant collection was the increased routine and ritual that caring for my new plant babies brought me. Keeping a routine is a tried and true method for increasing productivity and decreasing our anxieties. While it can take a bit to get to know each of your plants and their specific needs for watering or fertilizing, developing the routine and paying close attention to your plants as they grow is part of the fun. Routines help us alleviate stress and feel accomplished. You can find me on a weekend afternoon checking the soil and leaves of each of my plants to see what they need.

Increasing Awareness

In general, increased awareness and focus on what your plants need can help plant keeping become a meditative activity. Focusing on how each new leaf unfurls throughout the course of a few days or noticing when parts of your plants get a big droopy when they’re thirsty helps us slow down and focus on the small changes. Doing this in one area of your life helps practice that increased ability to focus on what we CHOOSE to focus on, which can be the most difficult part for many of us when it comes to trying to begin activities like meditation.

Inexpensive Décor

Another mood booster that comes from welcoming plants into your home or office is the flexible and inexpensive décor boost they provide! Plants help any room feel more alive and add interest and texture to your space. Whether your budget is big or small there is likely a plant that will add something exciting to your home life. Part of the fun can be finding new plant stores in your area, and its always a good feeling to support local small businesses in the process! Another great option is hardware stores (I like my local Lowes!). While variety may be more limited for the indoor selections, they are likely to have great plants at lower price points which makes an impulse purchase more accessible.

Changing Your Perspective

Perspective can shift a lot when experimenting with a new hobby. You may find yourself moving plants around your home depending on the lighting or just your personal taste! Sometimes no matter where you move a plant, you may find you just don't ‘connect’ with it or like it as much as you thought you might at the store. Here’s a little secret- that’s okay!! We don’t need to commit to our plant babies forever. If they die, they die. Simple as that- even for the most experienced plant aficionado. Should you decide you don’t vibe with your new plant before it's on its last legs- gift giving is a great option! Giving gifts brings brightness to someone else’s day and relieves you from over focusing on a plant that may just not be for you. A win-win situation can be found even in our wildest plant-fears!

May improve Air Quality

While research can be mixed on this topic, there is lots of evidence to show that having indoor plants can improve the air quality of your home. Of course, this depends on size of the space and how many or what kinds of plants you have. What's better than fresh air and a nice smelling (and looking!) space? Not much! Times like these, any potential benefit on our environment can have us breathing a bit easier. Easy care plants that have a great impact on space and could have an impact on air quality include Snake plants, Ivy, and a variety of Pothos.

Many of us hold back from trying something new like caring for indoor plants because of bad past experiences or preconceived notions about how we don't have the green thumb needed to succeed. Plant keeping can take practice but you can set yourself up for success by starting small and being intentional. Get to know the light in your space and pick plants that fit your lifestyle and schedule. Ultimately, plants are replaceable! Its always sad when a plant baby starts to wilt and confidence can take a hit. Even this process can be a lesson - plants have life cycles and experimenting with different kinds and different care routines can be a great way to learn to let go when we stumble AND celebrate when we win!

Want help creating a routine that works for you? Learn more from our website on a variety coaching service offerings!

Happy Learning!

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