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What's the deal with... MASTURBATION?

Yep, you read that right… MASTURBATION! I’m calling it out!

The word masturbation carries so much stigma it negates the level of importance it plays in our lives. We grow up being told “everyone does it” but then in the same breath are told “it’s not something you talk about.”

While there are many people around the world that do not masturbate based on any number of valid reasons including preference, education, religion, and culture, it does not mean it is wrong for those who do.

We are one of few species on the planet that enjoys sex for pleasure not just procreation. There is a component of sex, in both sexes, that inherently requires some degree, even if it is very small, of vulnerability and comfort with our bodies. Although we may not be entirely comfortable with the way our body looks, we can work towards understanding and knowing what does and does not bring our body pleasure.


Recently, masturbation has fallen under the category of “self-pleasure.” Which is accurate but “self-pleasure” is more of a blanket term category under which many topics can fall. I think using the term masturbation invokes the vulnerability I mentioned earlier by really calling it what it is. By using the word masturbation, we begin to normalize desire and urges that either are also not discussed or are moved into a context of deviance which is inappropriate and can be quite damaging.

While the primary goal of masturbation is often inferred to be orgasm, what if it was no longer about only the end goal? Ok…maybe not all the time but at least sometimes. Masturbation provides an opportunity for control, inner connection, and leaning into some of the most vulnerable parts of yourself through self-exploration.

What if you gave yourself permission to control how and when you reach release through orgasm?

What if you gave yourself permission to be vulnerable with yourself trying different techniques of touch leaning into your inner trust?

What if you gave yourself permission to listen to your body’s response rather than your minds direction?

Giving yourself permission to feel vulnerability, control, and release opens you up to receive the beauty that our bodies have the capacity to create. There is a power in such deep vulnerability and release that is completely ignored when the topic of masturbation comes up.

Instead of stigma and negativity, shift the direction towards growing and accepting yourself as a person…

As a receiver…

As a Goddess deserving of pleasure!


Our 'What's the Deal With...' series includes posts discussing trending topics and ideas that we find interesting and thought provoking. Any opinions that we may share in these posts are unique to us and we encourage you to complete individual research on any topics that you find interesting as well.

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