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A Day Full of Gratitude

What’s it like to wake up full of gratitude?

1. You reach for your phone then leave it where it is and decide to really be in the comfort of your bed.

2. You call to your tiny human, who is already in the living room, because you are excited to see him and (for the moment) not having to ask the question ‘what are you doing in there?’ He comes in and you decide it is time to play. You hide under the covers. He is confused but then starts to giggle and joins the game.

3. You get out of bed grateful to be standing even though your neck hurts and sing ‘What a Beautiful Morning...’

4. Deciding what to wear is easy because you choose based on comfort not what other people will think.

5. You stand at your window and see the sun glinting off the river through the trees and close your eyes basking in the warmth, sinking into how good the sunshine feels on your face.

6. You start to make the bed and are silently happy for a good night’s sleep.

7. You make a list and the have to do’s become get to do’s.

8. The list leads to thoughts of all the events and people that have brought you to this point and you find a gentleness even in the hardest and harshest moments still landing in the opportunity to be grateful for all that has brought you to this day. To all that has led you to this ease and comfort...

9. You think, 'I wish I could always feel this way' and then give yourself permission to ease in and out of your feelings with freedom and without judgment. Knowing there will be days when this or any kind of gratitude will be harder to reach for only adds to the beauty of this day; waking up in this awareness.

10. Your mood leads to a calm in your environment and your communication. The people around you respond with ease. Compromises and choices become just a little or a lot a bit easier.

Your moments of gratitude may look different than these but will hold the same power. On these days, let inspiration find you and let the joy seep into your pores! Breath in these moments and give yourself permission to keep them with you as you move through your day and your life!

Give gratitude permission to grant you inner peace even if it's just for today!

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