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Growth / Coaching Topics

Career & Professional

  • Career History

  • Relationships in Career – History and Future

  • Career Desires and Interests

  • Burnout and Mindfulness in Career

  • Personality Assessment

  • Matching You to Ideal Career Options

  • Self-Confidence and Self-Marketing

  • Interview Skills

Style Advising

  • History and Origin of Personal Style

  • Barriers to Exploring or Expanding own style boundaries

  • Parts of Personal Style - Confidence, Self Esteem, Self Respect, and Commitment to Self

  • External vs. Internal Sources of Confidence

  • Poise & Ideal Version of You

  • Self Acceptance

  • Body Positivity & Body Neutrality

  • Letting Go of Expectations

  • Capsule Wardrobe & Lifestyle Creation

Behavior Change & Transitions

  • Assessing behavior (why we do what we do, barriers to change)

  • Where to start/ How to set realistic goals

  • Compassionate self awareness (Seeing behavior as functional)

  • What we lose when we make change

  • Increasing flexibility in the change process

Life & Wellness

  • Past Goals and Efforts

  • Current Goals

  • Relationships and Goals Support

  • Physical Health

  • Mindfulness

Habits & Routines

  • Assessment of Desired Functioning

  • Assessment of Current Habits and Routines

  • Releasing Negative Patterns

  • Setting up Effective Routines

  • Implementing Healthy Habits

  • Assessment of New Habits and Routines


  • History, Definition, and Origin of Confidence

  • When Has Confidence Failed You?

  • Parts of a Confident Person

  • Barriers, Consequences, and Risks

  • Who are you when you are most confident?

  • Evidence that Confidence is present or growing

  • Surface vs. internal signs of confidence

  • Body Language & Mind/Body Connection

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